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Welcome to great music, great times, and great community!

Upcoming  Performances

The Minnesota Freedom Band is a Twin Cities-based non-profit Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Allied (GLBTA) music arts group committed to presenting

quality performances, providing oppor-tunities for our members to improve musicianship, and gathering to build relationships with each other and with our community.

To achieve this mission, we operate three musical groups with often overlapping membership:

• Concert  Band consists of 45 - 50 musicians in three major sections:

  •  Woodwinds (flute, clarinet, sax, etc)
  •  Brass (trumpet, trombone, tuba, etc)

  •  Percussion (drums, timpani, etc)
• Music consists of a variety of genres, including classic
al, folk, pop, and traditional music.
• Auditions are N
OT required -- we accept diverse range of musical expertise. Your section leader may test your proficiency to determine chair / part assignments.

 Freedom  Jazz! is a 20-piece Big Band Jazz Ensemble.

• Music ranges from classic jazz standards to more contemporary popular charts, and often features soloists. 

• Auditions ARE required, with a special emphasis  on sight reading and improvisation

 Marching Band composition varies between 20 and 30 musicians, depending on who is available for performance dates. All marching instrumentation is welcome, with a special need for percussionists. 
• Music consists of traditional marches,

plus band arrangements of

popular contemporary songs.

• Auditions are NOT required, but experience in marching while playing an

instrument is desired.

You can choose to play with one, two, or all three groups, depending on your time availability for rehearsals and individual practice. 

No longer have an instrument? We can probably help you with that, too! 

Interested in joining, or want more information?  Please Contact Us and we'll be in touch!  


What is the
1 Organization,
3 Great Bands!


Hi, Music Lovers!
The members and conductors of the
Minnesota Freed
om Bands
(Concert, Jazz, and Marching Bands)
are on summer hiatus!

We'll begin rehearsals for our exciting
41st Season after Labor Day.

If you expressed interest in joining us at our TC Pride Booth, you should have received an email from our President recently, with more info on when rehearsals start this Fall. If you did not receive this email, please check your "spam" folder, or drop us a line HERE.

We look forward to playing
FOR or WITH you soon! 



Here's a SNEAK PEEK at our

    E x c i t i n g 


   S e a s 
      2023 24

peekaboo bunny.jpg


Freedom  CONCERT  Band  Presents:

Books  & 

Video  Games
Spring  Concert 

Date To Be Determined

Freedom  CONCERT  Band  Presents:

Alphabet  Soup
Fall / Holiday  Concert 

Sun  •  Dec  3rd

Freedom  JAZZ  Band  Presents:

Pack  Your  Bags..!
Spring  Concert 

Sun  •  Apr  21st

Freedom  JAZZ  Band  Presents:

Cool  Hands,  Warm  Hearts,
&  Hot  Chocolate

Fall / Holiday  Concert 

Sun  •  Dec  10th

Look Eyes.jpg

...back here this Fall to see the latest details and new performing dates as that information becomes available!

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