Board of Directors: 2021- 2022 Season

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Laura Holland

Taking the lead during a pandemic is not for the faint of heart! But Laura is glad to know she is able to make a bigger difference as a board member. Laura plays flute in the concert band.

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Vice President
Danelle Wilbraham (she/her)

Danelle plays trumpet with the MN Freedom Concert Band. Before moving to Minneapolis, she previously served as secretary and Vice President of her graduate student government. 

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Sophie Grossman

Sophie has served as Secretary for the past few years and plays flute in the concert band.

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Past President/Treasurer
Juan Torres-Rodriguez
Tenor/Bari/Alto Saxophone

Juan plays tenor and alto saxophone in the concert band and baritone saxophone in Freedom Jazz! Juan has served on the Board of Directors for 5 years, and as President for 2 years. Prior to being elected President, he served 2 years as Vice President. 

One of the things that is very important to him in his position is making sure we are fully accessible to EVERYONE.  This includes making sure all rehearsal spaces, performance spaces, and event spaces are fully accessible for people with disabilities and ADA compliant in all regards. It also includes never turning away anyone who would like to attend a concert or join the band for monetary reasons.


"We are the FREEDOM band.  EVERYONE is welcome to attend our concerts or to play with us, regardless of identity, culture, religion, race, or economic situation.  We are an all-inclusive group that is a rainbow of beautiful diversity.  It's what we are about."

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Laura Johnson (she/her)

Laura plays flute and piccolo in the concert band. She previously served as the band librarian at a small music conservatory.